Oraide was created by Daniel D. Beck. The library’s name is a portmanteau of orate and aide.

Release 0.5.dev0

  • Added PEP 386-compatible development version numbers.
  • Fixed test suite errors caused by tmux sessions left open by previous (failed) tests. Test sessions are now killed before tests, as well as after, to prevent failed tests from causing subsequent tests to also fail.
  • Upgraded development dependencies:
    • Tox 1.5.0 → Tox 1.7.0
    • Sphinx 1.2 → 1.2.1

Release 0.4

  • Issue #8: Added an explicit requirement of tmux 1.7 or greater. On import, a warning is raised when it cannot be confirmed that a supported version of tmux is available. Thanks to David Greisen for the feedback about this issue.
  • Upgraded to Sphinx 1.2.
  • Added a See also document.
  • Added a When to use Oraide document.
  • Improved the process for adding and updating version numbers.
  • Fixed a PDF documentation build failure caused by the tutorial’s animated GIF.
  • Fixed various style and kwalitee problems.
  • Changed the layout of the Git repository to use git-flow.
  • Added a bunch more tests.
  • Added optional ORAIDE_TEST_PROMPT environment variable setting for test suite’s prompt detection.
  • Added polling and timeouts to improve the precision of tmux sessions in the test suite.
  • Removed the part of the test suite that kills the tmux server. Now it only kills the test session.

Release 0.3

  • Issue #1: Added Python 3 support.
  • Calling Session.teletype() with the default delay raised a TypeError exception. The bug was fixed and tests were added.
  • Calling Session.enter() without providing a keys argument raised a ValueError exception. The bug was fixed and tests were added.
  • Cleaned up wording and formatting in prompt messages.
  • Added a missing parameter to Session.enter()‘s documented parameter list.
  • Added tests to cover prompts.
  • Replaced meaningless “hello world” strings in the test suite with strings that at least pretend to be relevant.

Release 0.2

Complete rewrite, with all new API and documentation.

Release 0.1

Initial version.